The Enabler of

Digital Transactions

We help our partners solve complex value transfer problems with an unprecedented speed

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Whether the exchanges asset is currency, vouchers, shares or data,

we enable its instant, secure, frictionless and cost-effective P2P transfer

Our Mission

Enabling the future of the digital economy

We share a strong belief as a team that digitizing the way we trade assets will make it easier and more affordable for people to become active economic actors, creating a more inclusive world.  

Platform Enablers

Complete Toolbox to expedite innovations

E-Kyc, Core Ledgers, Audit Trails, Assets Digitization, Transaction Rules, End Users Account Management, Wallets & Vaults, Digital Contracts, and More...

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Some innovations

powered by our Platform



Mobile Payment Solution

for underbanked populations

Why ProsperUs


Speed up the development of new solutions for payment, lending, financing etc. shorten your time to market 


Our platform is modular and asset agnostic enabling a wide spectrum of use cases and innovations 


Grow your solutions with no worries, our robust infrastructure allows to handle large volumes of users and transactions


ProsperUs can literally integrate to everything, from the most advanced banking systems to the legacy stacks


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