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Knowing thyself You may have packed light for your long-weekend gambling getaway. But, trust me, you’re carrying more baggage than you realize — all that other stuff that defines who you are and how you react to certain situations. So be realis- tic about your own personality and temperament. If you have the tendency to get a little out of control when things go wrong, then bring along some safeguards in the event you start to lose. Have a friend hold your wallet, or simply leave access to money (beyond your bankroll) behind and carry nothing but cash

Above all else, be honest about how you’ve gambled in the past. Just because you haven’t been a perfect angel doesn’t mean you can’t go, but you do have to be more careful than other gamblers. Are you a disciplined type? Is adopting positive behaviors, such as daily exer- cise and saving money, easy for you? If you’re cool, calm, and rational in your daily life, you’re likely to be a good candidate for video poker or the blackjack tables.

Or are you impulsive and undisciplined? Does a trip to the mall for a package of batteries turn into a shopping spree that sets you back a couple of paychecks? Do you struggle to stick to a diet? If you lack control in everyday activities, such as shopping and eating, then casinos can become a danger- ous diversion. I’m not suggesting that you swear off casino visits if you can’t stop yourself from eating just one more chocolate chip cookie. But under- standing your nature and taking precautions to protect yourself from “clean- ing out the cookie jar” is important.


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